New Holland, Pennsylvania

I use a different email address for each site, so i can find out just where the spam comes from. On Feb 15, 2012, i received spam to the address i used for proflowers from an address claiming that i won a prize in the spanish lotto -- yeah, right.

Subject says it all -- ProFlowers either sold or otherwise allowed my email address to be a spam target.

Many thanks to CitiCards for their cool virtual account number feature, which i use all the time for online purchases -- i know my credit card info is safe!

Won't use ProFlowers again!

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I never heard of these guys until they started spamming me. Off course the unsubscribe button goes nowhere and complaining doesn't help (some poor excuse that it takes two weeks to remove your mail address from their mailinglist, yeah right).

Proflowers are spammers and scammers...

It's the same company as shari's berries (which charges insane amounts of money for a few strawberries). Spam from these companies is also coming in now.

No help from them to remove me from their mailinglist. They pose as a legitimate company but for me they are just a bunch of crooks.


I had the exact same experience. Them and their sister-company, "redenvelope"


I also have my own domain and set up separate emails for different sites. The email address I only used when dealing with ProFlowers is now getting spammed by some dating site. YOU may want to investigate your computer or network for any infections or other data mining malware that may have compromised your information security.


Like Ken, I own a subdomain, and have all the email addresses in that subdomain. I just received a spam from a Russian dating site. So I suspect that they've either sold their email list to someone, and that someone resold it or lost it, or that has been compromised and they lost their list.


We're sorry if you've been receiving spam emails. However, all email addresses collected from customers, whether during the order process or from customer inquiries are collected for internal use only and never sold or distributed to any outside entities.

If the unwanted emails originate from us, we will be happy to remove you from any and all mailing lists you do not wish to be on. If you are receiving emails from outside sources, you may want to investigate your computer or network for any infections or other data mining malware that may have compromised your information security.

If you have any further questions or concerns on this matter, please give me a call at 888-855-3486. -Steve @ProFlowers


Actually, they did either sell or lose their e-mail list. And it's not just ProFlowers, it's also Shari's Berries which is owned by the same company.

I own my domains and my e-mail server, each website I use a unique e-mail.

Both the Shari's Berries e-mail and the Proflowers e-mail started receiving the exact same spam at the same time.

And no, it is not a program generating random e-mails, if it were I would have had a thousand others that are identical. It was -only- the two addresses used for their two sites that were affected.


I do not support ProFlowers as they pay the light bill of a well known racist sexist talk show host (which I will not mention is named Rush Limbaugh).

However this poster may be just a bit paranoid.... I am sure ProFlowers is selling out peoples emails - but probably not to phoney Spanish lotteries. :x :x :x

The spammers have computer programs that generate every imaginable email under the sun and then send out these scam emails.

ProFlowers is not running Spanish Lottery scams, just supporting racist sexist talk show hosts.

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