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What a preposterous joke. I sent Christmas "wreaths" to a dozen of my clients at $26 a pop- then they started calling me up saying "did I offend you? Is this a joke? What the *** did you send me??". Turns out, the "wreath" was an absurd little fistful of dead and dying cedar and pine boughs (max length about 6") and a bizarre little tin box with no redeeming value whatsoever. Can't put the boughs in the box or it falls over. Can't put water in it for the poor little boughs because it leaks like a seive.

A terribly embarrassing state of affairs and the customer service rep said "yeah, we've had lots of complaints" (!!!!) but refused to do anything about it- like perhaps sending a proper, as-described wreath.

Please, spend your $$ with your local florist instead. This outfit is a loosing bet.

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I have sent ProFlowers 7 emails over the last 8-10 weeks and NOT ONE of them have been answered or replied to.

Do you really think this makes people want to do business with you?

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #398930

Dear Proflowersw Stinks,

I am sorry that you had this experience with your orders. Please know that is not typical of our service or product, and would be happy to look into if further for you.

Please give me a call at our corporate office, phone number 866-526-9426. Thank you, Sallie

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