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My husband had flowers sent to me today for Valentines Day and for the price these flowers ARE NOT worth it...This is ***!!!I will never allow my husband or anyone I know to order from this place ever again..I can not believe how you advertise then when we get the product its a big disapointment I could have just crawled under my desk.I think you people should have to give us our money back and pick up your *** flowers.And also my husband paid good money for these and it says the vase is free so what the *** cost $80.00??

Monetary Loss: $80.

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I ordered roses for my wife for Valentines Day to her place of work. I had it scheduled for the day prior.

She worked all day and actually over by 40 minutes and they never showed up. Even though the delivery was scheduled between 9 AM to 5 PM. She got the flowers the next day. When I got home and seen them I was embarrassed for what she got.

Very small flowers, I did not expect long stem but some stem and a medium size flower was expected at least what was seen on line. While filling out the survey I did complain. A week later a $20 gift card showed up . It clearly said gift card on the plastic credit card size card.

It had a apology letter. So, I gave them another chance in March, I ordered my wife a large bouquet of tulips,plus paid the extra amount for 50% more. While placing the order I tried to take advantage of the 20% savings offer bu inputting "HUGS20" on the promo line. I then attempted to redeem the Gift Card with no avail.

I had to call in and place the order. I paid with the Gift Card and then the balance with a charge card. I asked about the 20% off deal and was told that I already had a promo? I explained this was a Gift Card as it stated.

After being placed on hold for a few the order taker got back on and gave me 10%? So the flowers show up and yet again very disappointed in the condition and actual flower size.

Please spend wisely, I am not a complainer since my own job is handling complaints I hate all the extra grief.

I do not recommend Pro Flowers. I felt I was deceived multiple times on what they promised and received payment for.


Dear Proflowers,

Your response that the quality of your product is not typical: Well, I am here to tell you, EVERY experience I have had with you has been absolutely the worst whether it be sending or receiving. When sending flowers, I was actually EMBARRASED at the size, quality, and value.

$80 for ZIP! One can do MUCH better at any grocery store for a fraction of the cost. I, for one, will NEVER order from your company again.

Being that sending flowers is a COLOSSAL waste of money,and the mark-up is huge, I decided to sen my last gift via Harry and David...was a gorgeous box of pears, apples, nuts, cheese, and added a bottle of wine for about $60. Harry and David, much better value, much better gift.


I also bought from pro flowers and my wife was not to happy with them, Although I call pro flowers and was given a full no questions asked refund . Did you do that ???


We're sorry to hear that your flowers didn't show up in good condition Michelle. That isn't typical of our service, and our flowers are fully guaranteed.

If something happened to yours, we will make it right for you. Typically that is an offer to send a brand new set of flowers as we want to ensure recipients receive the gift that was purchased for them.

If you had a different resolution in mind that wasn't taken care of, please give me a call and I'll look into it personally. 888-855-3486 -Steve


**forgive me if you are seeing this post for the 3/4/5th time. I am posting on EVERY post I see re;Proflowers and their *** product**

I have to say I got mine from ProFlowers today and they were DEAD. Not a little wilted, not a little droopy, not not opened but DEAD DEAD DEAD rotten. It was like they'd been frozen and when they thawed they soaked in their own water. Thank goodness hubby had them sent to the house. I would have been soooooo embarrassed if they showed up to my place of business.

ANY men reading this a word of advise. By the time proflowers charges you for .... Let me cut and past all the bull s. Now... this was for a 49.99 W/upgrade vase and strawberries. The flowers were DEAD and the strawberries didn't even show.... Maybe tomorrow.

GO TO YOUR LOCAL FLORIST... Just call them, tell them what you want to spend and they will make it GREAT, 10 times better then this ***. I know not seeing a picture makes some men nervous but honestly it's the best way.

If you don't want to do that go through teleflora.com You order it online, but that order is sent to your local florist and it is arranged and delivered.

Here is the actual order with all the BULL S charges

Order Total

100 Blooms of Love with 6 Gourmet Dipped Strawberries: $49.98

Large Ginger: Free! (got basic *** clear)

Full Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Berries $29.99: $0.00 (never showed up)

Standard Delivery $11.99

Shipping Rebate

Click Here

Monday Delivery $4.99

Care & Handling $2.99

Standard Delivery - Additional Gift $9.99

Rush Delivery $4.99

Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery $4.99

Tax: $5.77

TOTAL: $95.69

All they wanted to do was send me a new set of flowers....ummmmmm no thank you. I sooooo wish I could post a PIC of these terrible flowers.


I ordered flowers for my wife from Proflowers last year and they arrived wilted and half dead. Order from this outfit at your own risk


What a scuzzy company.

After a son sent a very expensive bunch of roses that arrived wilted and dropping petals, I was given a $91.60 credit to use later.

Today I discovered whilst trying to use the credit that their "Standard" delivery fee is NOT included in the product price .... and amounts to roughly 20% of the new bunch of roses. In addition to taxes there was a "Care and Handling" fee of more than $3.

When I called to complain I was told that this used to be part of the Delivery Fee but they had had to break it out separately "because of the growers". Huh? And just by coincidence the total order price came to EXACTLY the cost of my credit..... and did I talk about all the extra options" that they wanted me to take? RIP-OFF in spades.

This bunch should be avoided. They are not conducting business ethically.

jaynee h

ProFlowers apologizes that your Valentine's Day order was not delivered as requested. My name is Sallie and I can be reached at 866-526-9426 week days from 7 AM to 3:30 PM, PST.


This was my first time ever ordering flowers

online and this is my last. I want to Proflowers because I heard good things about them.

What a bunch of ***. First off they couldn't tell me when they would get to my wife. When e-mail them they just tolled me to call FedEx to see if i could get them rush. Second when my wife did get them and brought them home I was highly disappointing most or not all of the flowers were brown,weathered or moldy.

This is pretty sad when Wal-mart flowers look better. The $60.00 I spent wasn't worth it. Third When I sent them a e-mail about the issue with the flowers.

It took them forever to respond and when they did they said we could send you more flowers or we can give you a full refund well since Valentines Day is over I ask for the full refund which I haven't received yet. So I say keep your money and go somewhere else.


Well at least you got yours, my sig others didn't show up til just before 5pm.......wth!!! The fedex website says delivered at 230.......ummmmmmmmm noooooo......cust serv, did nothing.....


My wife still hasn't come out from underneath her desk !!! Nothing like what i ordered !!

It did say that they might have to change some of the flowers in the selection based on availability....but dandelions instead of roses !!!

Come on now !! [ not actually dandelions lol but close ]


I too felt like crawling under my desk today. My husband called the company and they claim they will refund his money.

You might try that.

He had to speak to a supervisor though. We will see how it turns out.

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