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Ordered ProFlowers for Valentines day assuming they would be delivered by a local florist, instead they are shipped across country via FedEx in a box. Who wants to receive flowers in a box and have to set them up yourself.

She wasn't even aware she received flowers until I called to ask about them, and only then did she discover them with the other FedEx packages. The website is very deceptive as they lead you to believe they are delivered by a local florist. This is not the case and you turn out looking like the cheapest guy around. Pay the extra few bucks and order from a local florist.

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, disappointment. After all, part of the excitement of receiving a flower boquet is seeing a delivery person walk through the office and everyone seeing you are so special you received flowers from your loved one.

Instead, you receive a box, have to unpack the flowers, unpack the vase, put the water in the vase, and arrange them yourself. You might as well cut them from the field while your at it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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95% of your customers MUST be one timers...


Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your review of ProFlowers. To explain, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We are sorry for any disappointment with your gift of flowers. We did not mean for this to be a negative experience for you, and we do apologize that it was.

Please give me a call at 1-888-855-3486 (or email me at and I can help make this right. I look forward to reviewing any concerns, taking further questions or comments. Thank you for you for your feedback. You are a valued customer.

Corinne B.

Social Media Team



^^*** you steve, and *** your life. Pro flowers is a *** joke.

The bear they sent looks massive in the pic but was 6 inches MAX when my girl got it...also came in a box and the fedex guy couldnt even leave it at the front door. WHat a piece of ***. Your website is deceptive as ***, it shows one price then you dont realize its gonna raise it w/ $20 worth of 'fees' even IF you are ready to pay..only if you scroll down in very tiny font on the bottom right does it let you know that its adding on a fuckload of BS fees.

Will NEVER use your site again and will tell ALL other people that i know to avoid it like the plague. What a bunch of *** ups, hope you die a slow one Steve, and thats sincere.


We're sorry that you were confused by our website's configuration. We do explain the nature of our products and delivery both on the "About Us" page and under the FAQs linked when you pick a delivery date during the order process.

We understand this method is not preferable to everyone, however it allows us to ship the freshest possible flowers for our customers that are guaranteed to stay that way for at least a week.

We do offer delivery from a florist as an option for our customers who need Same Day, Late Day, or Sunday deliveries, however those options are on an entirely different website using our sister company ProFlowers Florist Express. If you have any further questions about our products or processes, please give me a call at 866-526-9426 -Steve

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