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PROFLOWERS sucks big time!!!!!! Ordered flowers for my mother-in-law's birthday.

Order was placed on the 11th and set to deliver on the 12th. And here comes the 14th and they haven't delivered anything. Proflowers did not call or letting me know about the status of my order. I called their customer service, and said they will have it deliver within the day.

Omy! What happened to your good customer service? Wont do business with them anymore. And I will tell my family and friends about this awful experience.

Such a shame! And oh yeah, I want my money back!

Such a scam! Beware of this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $46.

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Pro flowers charged me for flowers that were delivered dead . I called they said they would send a replacement which never arrived .

I disputed the shipment with my credit card company Discover which sucks also . The policy of Pro flowers is the dead flowers had to be shipped back.

they never told me that so 3 months later I had to pay my bill . What *** !!!!!!


I Have used them for years and now they have pissed me off


We had the same experience on mothers day but the flowers NEVER arrived!


Worst Company Ever Never order from them! ugly flowers and hidden fees!


Bad service


ProFlowers just managed to disappoint a 90-yr old waiting patiently for her flowers to be delivered on Dec. 24th. I paid extra to have them delivered to my mother on the 24th.............did not happen, and NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL.

Flowers show up today, Dec. 26th, wilted as though they had been frozen for the past 2-3 days. STILL NO COMMUNICATION from ProFlowers.

Very, very shabby - and unethical - business model. I will NEVER order from them again, and, suggest you tell everyone you know to do the same.


time utility means delivery at the designated time. You fools just DO NOT get it.

My birthday was YESTERDAY not tomorrow. I HATE YOU You deserve to go out of business!!!!


You need to go out of business, you losers




I hate you SO SO MUCH. THANKS for RUINING my birthday and my MOTHER's DAY.

YOU ARE SO INCOMPETENT AND YOU HURT MY FEELINGS SO MUCH. I waited all day today on my birthday for my flowers from my son which you NEVER delivered. It is probably good they did not arrive. The ones on mother's day were DEAD ON ARRIVAL and included a card from someone else's son!

NOT the one my son paid you to deliver!

I called you, you did not do ANYTHING about it. YOU ARE EVIL AND INCOMPETENT.


Pro Flowers (when they even get around to sending them) sends DEAD flowers. THEY SUCK BIG TIME!

THEY ARE A RIP OFF. They can't even handle sending the correct messages to their deliveries.


Today was my birthday. My son who lives in another state ordered me flowers.

Do you think they came? NOT On Mother's Day, my son Chris sent me flowers from this incompetent organization. I received a card that said I love you, Sean. Sean???

I know NO ONE named Sean. I called them and NOTHING was done! I save my flower cards from my Chris.



18 seconds after I placed an order I realized I made a mistake and addressed it to MYSELF at the intended recipient's address. I figured, no big deal, I’ll just call them and have them change the delivery name, WRONG!

I was told there was NOTHING they could do for me, or so they said. So if for example you placed an order with them and totally F’d up and wanted to make a correction seconds after placing the order, you CANNOT make a change or even cancel!

NO COMPANY I have ever dealt with has a policy like this. I guess herpes AND ProFlowers are forever!

I will NEVER do business with them with a policy like this!


$96 for two arrangements. Both arrived nearly dead and look, once placed in a vase, amazingly anemic. They are not coming back to life at all. To top it all off, I had to put them together as all the parts and pieces were in a box. Not very romantic. Terrible value. Very dissapointed. I was trying to save money and fell for the $19 flower radio commercials.

I'm thinking about starting my own floral business now... I'm so agitated. I can easily do better than this on my own.


We're sorry if you were disappointed with the shipping fees. We know that shipping adds expense to your order and work hard to keep those costs to a minimum.

However, the charges are displayed on the order before you were allowed to confirm the order and not hidden. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at -Steve


Proflowers sucks they showed me the total at the end on confirmed it and now i was charged $14.99 for shipping $9.99 for guarentee on valentines day fee and $2.99 care handling fee are you kidding me i will never order from them again and make sure my friends and family doesnt either


I apologize for the service you have been given and want to make this right for you. Please contact me at 888-855-3486 or

I look forward to speaking with you. -Mike

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