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I did the amazon special offer coupon: Haven't seen the flowers yet. Be aware - you won't see all of the charges until after you have charged and used your coupon code - and they don't tell you what they are. Charged for shipping, delivery on a Monday (huh?), care & handling (2.99?) - $17.95. So with the $30 coupon I paid $17.95 for the least expensive item.

5 Sweetheart Tulips with FREE Ruby Vase & Chocolates $49.99: $29.99

Elegant Ruby: Included!

Rocky Mountain Chocolates: Included!

$30 off: -$30.00

Standard Delivery $9.99

Monday Delivery $4.99

Care & Handling $2.99

TOTAL: $17.96

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Coupon.

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Well, I've ordered with Proflowers before. The DO show you all of the charges before you confirm.

If you were SMART ENOUGH to scroll down that last page before you confirm your order and confirm the charges, it shows the fees. There is almost always a fee for the vase(unless a promo states otherwise), 9.99 for shipping, 4.99 for valentines day shipping added on(biggest flwoer holiday of the year, HELLO), and if you want it before noon, an extra 14.99. It isn't proflowers charges, it is what UPS and FedEx charge Proflowers, so they in turn charge you.

Just because you're a *** who doesnt do any looking before you spend your money, your fault. Not the company you bimbo.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #427617

I apologize for any confusion with your order total. Please contact me at 888-855-3486 and I will be happy to review your order with you.


Same thing here! $19.95 deal ended up costing

over$30.00! n they dont show these extra charges until its too late to cancel/stop order.

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