Proflowers - Horrible

{{Redacted}} The last three times in a row that I have used ProFlowers for Cherri‘s which is the same company they have not delivered on the day that I wanted. I paid extra every single time but every day there was some excuse half the time the stuff comes Rotten or dead .
I enjoy getting flowers from anywhere except Proflowers. I received a bouquet for my birthday and they were almost dead when I got them. The roses were just hanging on to life and the rest of the flowers (which were very few lasted one day. These flowers are not fresh...
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Proflowers - Dropped the ball

Placed order and driver could not locate the business . They had the business phone number and contact name and no one called the place of business just didn’t deliver the item. Didn’t call me or the business to find out any information.
Placed the order, paid extra for express shipping guess what my order never made it to destination. I called to find out what went wrong 1st person asked bunch of questions like, order #, recipient name, address, my name, put me on hold several times came back with no...
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It seems customer service for ProFlowers is handled overseas. The people that answer the phones have NO idea what expectations US customers need and want. The customer service agents sure do like to use the hold button and you wait forever for anything to be done. I am...
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I called because I received a an email stating I would get a $15 credit toward a $29 purchase. I called because the credit was not being taken off, I spoke with a Rep that acted as though I was lying about the email I received. He took his lazy *** a ridiculous rate of...
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Ordered flowers with guarantee delivery on valentines day for a friend who lost her husband. The website has false information and advertisement. They take all my information including phone number. Not one call to say they couldn't deliver. When I called they said...
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I am working overseas and placed an order for delivery at my Wife work on 14 February, annoyingly that did not happen as flowers never reached... I wrote to their customer care email address and I was simply ignored... very annoying and poor service, which ended up in...
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My husband ordered flowers and chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered to my job for valentines day. I received half dead flowers and no strawberries. This was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and it was ruined. He tried his best to make my day...
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Proflowers - Two gifts, one order, same delivery location. Two different trucks. One didnt make it.

Valentines - daughter received hers, but wife did not despite placing the order nearly a week in advance. No gift for wife. Sent them three notes before finally calling. The rep didnt seem to even care about my order. Just gave me a refund and have a nice day. Never again will I shop here. Going to back to local florists. {{Redacted}}