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Proflowers ripped me off when I checked out. They said that the price was a certain amount and after I entered my credit card number they charged me for way more and added ridiculous additional charges.

I ordered flowers for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day and they added a 10$ Valentine's Day charge. They also didn't tell you they charged a ridiculous amount for delivery. I ordered what I thought were 20$ flowers. After I checked out and had entered my credit card number, I found out the charge was 45$.

And you can't cancel your order. *** business practices. Internet pickpocketers. I will never order flowers from them and no one else should.

Seriously shady company. They have terrible business practices and it's *** that they took advantage of having my credit card number and added charges.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I have to say I got mine from ProFlowers today and they were DEAD. Not a little wilted, not a little droopy, not not opened but DEAD DEAD DEAD rotten. It was like they'd been frozen and when they thawed they soaked in their own water. Thank goodness hubby had them sent to the house. I would have been soooooo embarrassed if they showed up to my place of business.

ANY men reading this a word of advise. By the time proflowers charges you for .... Let me cut and past all the bull s. Now... this was for a 49.99 W/upgrade vase and strawberries. The flowers were DEAD and the strawberries didn't even show.... Maybe tomorrow.

GO TO YOUR LOCAL FLORIST... Just call them, tell them what you want to spend and they will make it GREAT, 10 times better then this ***. I know not seeing a picture makes some men nervous but honestly it's the best way.

If you don't want to do that go through You order it online, but that order is sent to your local florist and it is arranged and delivered.

Here is the actual order with all the BULL S charges

Order Total

100 Blooms of Love with 6 Gourmet Dipped Strawberries: $49.98

Large Ginger: Free!

Full Half Dozen Gourmet Dipped Fancy Berries $29.99: $0.00

Standard Delivery $11.99

Shipping Rebate

Click Here

Monday Delivery $4.99

Care & Handling $2.99

Standard Delivery - Additional Gift $9.99

Rush Delivery $4.99

Guaranteed Valentine's Day Delivery $4.99

Tax: $5.77

TOTAL: $95.69


Same thing happened to me. Picked standard shipping delivery between 9am and 8pm.

Suppose to be $14.99, charged double and didn't show total charges untill sales was complete.

Sent e-mail to customer service, no response yet. First time using Pro Flowers, will not use anagin.

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