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I heard a radio advertisement for 1-800-Pro Flowers, Mothers Day 100 Blooms for Mom $19.99. I ordered the 100 Blooms, automatically the vase they came in was $11.99, I switched to the Free Large Ginger Vase.

Shipping was free on certain dates, and I picked a date. At check out I saw standard Delivery was $12.99, care and handling $2.99, tax $2.52. The $19.99 Mothers Day 100 Blooms turned into a price of $38.49 false advertising. I went through with the order, I wasted enough time filling out the forms.

I would never order flowers from this garbage company again, the negative reviews on the Internet about this company are unbelievable, I cannot believe they are still in business.

I would love too see them file for chapter 11. I will pay triple to a flower company before I ever use these dirt bags again.

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So do you think companies can magically pay UPS and Fedex with out charging you for shipping? It's not false advertising, the flowers were 19.99, you should have assumed that you would be charged for someone to pick the flowers and then mail them to you.

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