Silver Spring, Maryland

In regards to Mr.Limbaughs uncivil comments about women I will not and my extended family will not purchase any products from Pro Flowers.

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We will continue to shun Pro Flowers until you cease advertising with Rush Limbaugh. Mr Limbuagh is an embarressment to this country and to people who conduct themselves in a decent and civil manner everyday.

If you continue to advertise with Mr.

Limbaugh we will take it that you support his comments We will be watching to see if Pro Flowers supports civility or gutter snipping comments about women.My hope is that you will side with civility.

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Left Turn

Any wonder why Lush Limpflaw has been divorced four times? Wake up America!! You teeny, tiny fringe of right wing, uneducated bozo's!

lee hale

And I dear folks will not order from proflowers until they apologize for cutting sponsorship of Rush!

Rush Limbaugh supporter
to lee hale #608899

I will never order from Proflowers again.....I used them for years.....this year I placed 4 orders from Rush Limbaughs new sponsor........


He called ONE girl a ***. I don't see how that is an attack on women. Care to explain how it is since you made the claim??

Chuck Wagner

Due to ProFlowers acting cowardly amid assualts from the radical left on the first amendment, I ordered mother's day flowers/gifts elsewhere.


I have gone into my ProFlowers account and unsubscribed from all of their offers since I will no longer be doing business with them, but I do not see an option to cancel my account.

Needless to say, since they want to be "pansies"(pun intended) they will not get another dollar of my business.


I will NEVER spend another dime at prof lowers.Caving to the strong arm tactics of the left is neauseating, to say the least.

The entire thing is nothing more than ANOTHER PR media stunt out of the most viscous, hate mongering, divisive, corrupt, racist, anti free speech, anti freedom of religion, fraudulent administration this great nation has ever seen in its history.

Idiots who are still falling for this garbage should have to spend time in a place like north Korea for a few years.They just MIGHT understand the god given right to life, liberty and the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH that millions of Americans died for, NOT FOR FREE BIRTH CONTROL.


I don't listen to Rush, but I have bought hundreds of dollars of flowers per year from Proflowers for over five years.I don't like politically-selective censorship, so I requested Proflowers cancel my account and stop sending me promotional E-mails.

Unlike the boycotters, my E-mail to Proflowers included my acount number with over a $1,000 of past business. In the future before a sponsor caves to non-customer complaints they can look to Carbonite.

I believe Carbonitte will go out of business because they caved.Proflowers may not go out of business, but they will suffer a noticable loss in revenue.



Larry Halpern

I've been a long-time customer of Pro Flowers, but that relationship is finished.Rush help put you folks on the map and the lack of loyalty is something I cannot stomach.

If you want to crumble from the extortion of the Left that is your business.Where I spend my money is mine and I will have no trouble finding another florist.

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