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In regards to Mr.Limbaughs uncivil comments about women I will not and my extended family will not purchase any products from Pro Flowers.

We will continue to shun Pro Flowers until you cease advertising with Rush Limbaugh. Mr Limbuagh is an embarressment to this country and to people who conduct themselves in a decent and civil manner everyday.

If you continue to advertise with Mr.

Limbaugh we will take it that you support his comments We will be watching to see if Pro Flowers supports civility or gutter snipping comments about women.My hope is that you will side with civility.

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727 of 1105 Proflowers reviews
Left Turn

Oct 29, 2012 #561766

Any wonder why Lush Limpflaw has been divorced four times? Wake up America!! You teeny, tiny fringe of right wing, uneducated bozo's!

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lee hale

Jun 01, 2012 #489277

And I dear folks will not order from proflowers until they apologize for cutting sponsorship of Rush!

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Rush Limbaugh supporter

Feb 14, 2013 #608899

I will never order from Proflowers again.....I used them for years.....this year I placed 4 orders from Rush Limbaughs new sponsor........

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May 08, 2012 #477343

He called ONE girl a ***. I don't see how that is an attack on women. Care to explain how it is since you made the claim??

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Chuck Wagner

May 08, 2012 #477331

Due to ProFlowers acting cowardly amid assualts from the radical left on the first amendment, I ordered mother's day flowers/gifts elsewhere.

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Mar 12, 2012 #447234

I have gone into my ProFlowers account and unsubscribed from all of their offers since I will no longer be doing business with them, but I do not see an option to cancel my account.

Needless to say, since they want to be "pansies"(pun intended) they will not get another dollar of my business.

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Mar 10, 2012 #446527

I will NEVER spend another dime at prof lowers. Caving to the strong arm tactics of the left is neauseating, to say the least. The entire thing is nothing more than ANOTHER PR media stunt out of the most viscous, hate mongering, divisive, corrupt, racist, anti free speech, anti freedom of religion, fraudulent administration this great nation has ever seen in its history. Idiots who are still falling for this garbage should have to spend time in a place like north Korea for a few years. They just MIGHT understand the god given right to life, liberty and the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH that millions of Americans died for, NOT FOR FREE BIRTH CONTROL.

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Mar 09, 2012 #445609

I don't listen to Rush, but I have bought hundreds of dollars of flowers per year from Proflowers for over five years. I don't like politically-selective censorship, so I requested Proflowers cancel my account and stop sending me promotional E-mails. Unlike the boycotters, my E-mail to Proflowers included my acount number with over a $1,000 of past business. In the future before a sponsor caves to non-customer complaints they can look to Carbonite. I believe Carbonitte will go out of business because they caved. Proflowers may not go out of business, but they will suffer a noticable loss in revenue.

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Mar 09, 2012 #445340


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Larry Halpern

Mar 08, 2012 #444756

I've been a long-time customer of Pro Flowers, but that relationship is finished. Rush help put you folks on the map and the lack of loyalty is something I cannot stomach. If you want to crumble from the extortion of the Left that is your business. Where I spend my money is mine and I will have no trouble finding another florist.

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Elaine Goudy

Mar 07, 2012 #444388

Because of the *** decision for ProFlowers to drop Rush family, friends, neighbors and co-workers are dropping ProFlowers. We will NO longer use ProFlowers. We hope this hurts the company financially.

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Allan Jones

Mar 06, 2012 #443363


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Virginia Lady

Mar 06, 2012 #443269

I support Rush and asked that ProFlowers reconsider. This Sandra Fluke is a tool of the radical left: why is she going to a Catholic University and demanding that others pay for her birth control? That's the real issue. As far as Rush goes, he apologized with none of the usual "if I offended you" nonsense that disqualifies an apology. That Miss Fluke did not accept it, shows that she is not a forgiving person but a vengeful one. Unfortunately, even while at the Catholic University, she has not learned the basic tenets of the Christian faith, which is to "forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." But I'm sure that's not why Miss Fluke is there anyway.

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Mar 05, 2012 #442926

I believe in the freedom on speech. I find it funny all the insults the left sayd but NEVER says sorry. I will no longer nor my family and friends buy from this company. I think half the people on here who say they will never buy from them again NEVER did in the first place.

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Lewis Field

Mar 05, 2012 #442454

Pro Flowers caved to the lefties. So, I being a Conservative and knowing Rush made that company, will no longer access my rather long address book on their site and wrote them to cancel my membership and not send email. I'll wait for Rush to endorse another company who shows guts. As far as the woman he called a ***... the proper term would have been harlot or nympho... but *** works for me in a pinch. I wouldn't want to get in the sack with humpin' honey, at any rate. Might get some awful nasties!

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Mar 03, 2012 #442165

I quit using ProFlowers a while ago after finding out that they were supporting Rush.

I find it interesting that the management of ProFlowers so dislikes their primary customers (women) that they would financially support such a misogynistic celebrity like Rush Limbaugh.

However if change is to come it can’t just be the guys that are aware and care about the source of the flowers they are giving their girlfriends or wives, but the women themselves taking a stand and saying something to the effect “Thank you very much they are nice – but in the future please don’t get me flowers from ProFlowers” .

Then change will come.

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Mar 03, 2012 #442158

I buy flowere from your company for the women in my life - my wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousins etc; as I suspect a lot of your male customers do. Sponsoring someone like Rush is a blemish for your company, I will no longer buy flowers from your company until your support of this man ceases in entirety. Obviously Mr. limbaugh who doesn't have daughters/sisters hand has been divorced 4 times has no respect for women. My fellow customers please cease being a pro-flowers customer until their support for rush ceases. Thanks

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Mar 03, 2012 #442104

I am real customer with ProFlowers and order from them on a regular basis. I support 1st amendment rights and I support Rush. Ms Fluke is a fraud and the people upset with this are phonies or fools. Until ProFlowers goes back to advertising with Rush I am done with ProFlowers.

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Mar 03, 2012 #442016

If that was my daughter, relative, etc... I would have been the first to call her a *** for going public with her sluttiness. Rush was completely correct in his parody of the government and Pelosi bringing this women in to make a purely Democrat party commentary. They also lie about the cost of contraceptives.

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Mar 03, 2012 #441954

Hey, I got a response from ProFlowers and I agree it just made the issue more insulting
We are so done with proflowers

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