Silver Spring, Maryland

In regards to Mr. Limbaughs uncivil comments about women I will not and my extended family will not purchase any products from Pro Flowers.

We will continue to shun Pro Flowers until you cease advertising with Rush Limbaugh. Mr Limbuagh is an embarressment to this country and to people who conduct themselves in a decent and civil manner everyday.

If you continue to advertise with Mr.

Limbaugh we will take it that you support his comments We will be watching to see if Pro Flowers supports civility or gutter snipping comments about women. My hope is that you will side with civility.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

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I buy flowere from your company for the women in my life - my wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousins etc; as I suspect a lot of your male customers do. Sponsoring someone like Rush is a blemish for your company, I will no longer buy flowers from your company until your support of this man ceases in entirety.

Obviously Mr. limbaugh who doesn't have daughters/sisters hand has been divorced 4 times has no respect for women.

My fellow customers please cease being a pro-flowers customer until their support for rush ceases. Thanks


I am real customer with ProFlowers and order from them on a regular basis. I support 1st amendment rights and I support Rush.

Ms Fluke is a fraud and the people upset with this are phonies or fools. Until ProFlowers goes back to advertising with Rush I am done with ProFlowers.


If that was my daughter, relative, etc... I would have been the first to call her a *** for going public with her sluttiness.

Rush was completely correct in his parody of the government and Pelosi bringing this women in to make a purely Democrat party commentary. They also lie about the cost of contraceptives.


Hey, I got a response from ProFlowers and I agree it just made the issue more insulting

We are so done with proflowers


no more ProFlowers

I hate to be spread the hate and misguided behavior of rush limbaugh but let me just get out of line here for a minutes and say

"I hope ProFlowers looses a lot of business and suffers".

This is outrages

I emailed ProFlowers and the response from them was very disturbing


Work in an office of five, three males & two females. Rush Limbaugh’s were so offensive even to the males that the radio was turned off & an apology extended to us two females. My guess is we will see Proflowers CEO, Bill Strauss looking for employment if he does not open his eyes & follow suit with cancelling sponsorship like other major companies.


Go to and go to bottom line, right hand side and click on "feedback site" and let them have your message about continuing to give Limbaugh's air time their advertising $$$$$ - because they don't agree with his message but he has a big audience which is $$$ to them. Immoral, hateful dollars from a raving maniac.


Love to add my name to the list of people that will never use pro flowers as long as the support Rush Limbaugh and his disgusting commentary on women's rights to family planning and health.


Just want to add my name to the growing list of people who will not buy your product until you drop ads on Limbaugh's show. If he had used the "N" word, would you still be advertising on his show?

I certainly hope not.

Still, calling a woman a "***" is the sexist equivalent. One wonders if you would draw the line anywhere?


@Frankie1429: I have no doubt you heard what he said. The problem is there is also no doubt that you did NOT listen to Ms.

Fluke's testimony. That said, where is your outrage over Medicare i.e.

OUR tax dollars, providing low cost vasectomies? :roll :sigh


Pro Flowers supports Rush!? Guess I need to start buying from them.

You who complian about Rush have probably never listened to a whole show of his. You just hear what others say about him. I heard what he said about that college student and I agree. I'm being taxed enough.

I don't think I should be paying for a law student to have safe sex. She can go to Planned Parenthood and get free pills and condoms.

Why should taxpayers have to pay for her to sleep around? I always had to buy my own "protection".

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