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I will not purchase one more flower from Pro Flowers while they remain a sponsor on the Rush Limbaugh .program. That man is a raging lunatic who represents everything which is wrong in our country.

He should be denounced and his show should be cancelled immediately. His outburst against Women was sadistic and evil. And this coming from a man who is married four times and is fatherless. Do I detect contraceptives?

Pro Flowers should be ashamed to be a sponsor for this hideous program.

Listen up, Pro Flowers, you are not the only company in the flower business. ENOUGH SAID

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Very well said. Agree 100 percent.

Limbaugh's program is filled with nothing but hatred.

He seems obsessive about what goes on in women's bedrooms and with their bodies. Ignorance can be overlooked, but as an old saying goes, there's no cure for ***.



"***" was the proper word to use versus *** to make Ruhs analogy parallel to what he said. a 30 yr old, regardless of student status should be mature enough to manage their sexual alledged picadilo cost(s).

Again why should insurance take on that non existent risk?

Why force an institution to do something against their stated morals?

Why enforce an individuals morals?

Fluke was a plant - no doubt by the Dems who walked out of last weeks meeting

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