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I am so disappointed that Pro Flowers decided to cancel their advertising on Rush's program. I always trusted them to deliver our flowers and my husband and I have order many times from them.....never, ever again!

Politics should stay out of consumer products and shame on the media for not telling the truth and Pro Flowers believing them, really? I will continue to support Mr. Limbaugh but Pro Flowers you have lost a good customer.

I'm sure you will not miss us. Good luck liberal leaning companies, we will never support your products.....we will go to honest companies.

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Pro Flowers,

As a long time customer, I can tell you I am one of many who will not use you again.

Good bye.

Paul M

It's an eye opener that name callers and political hacks support Pro Flowers along with power grabbing organizations like Media Matters in the same post. I take it that Pro Flowers is also supporting a socialist media swaying organization like Media Matters. It's no wonder they are losing business and good riddance to Pro Flowers..


Don't let Media Matters bully you !



Ahhh, ProFlowers lost an uneducated hick as a customer? Thats so sad.

Just placed an order for my wife to support their "politics".

- side note, I thought there had to be actual roads to use to deliver flowers. Are you sure you have used them before?


thank you pro flowers for dropping out of rush limbaugh s show. calling somebody a *** and a *** on public radio is unacceptable.rush never made an honest apology to the lady.in my opinion he should have been suspended from the show for a month.

pro flowers you have gained even more intelligent and educated customers now.


Not politics, just lies, fabrications from whole cloth, and lack of proper research and investigation.

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