Richmond, Virginia
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I'm actually decently content with ProFlowers but this *** with Easy Savers and fine print...please, just put it out in the open that you're going to charge us. Don't hide it under $15 off, or 20% off or free whatever.

Some of us try to save money while still making someone happy with fresh flowers. This just ruins it. Now I have to take my time to try and get a hold of someone in some office and get this cleared up which I'm sure is going to involve lots of recorded options and being put on hold and transferred all over. Not a good way to end my final interaction with ProFlowers.

ProFlowers, just do what you're good at and send gorgeous flowers to those we love. Don't get into this scamming ***.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia #23766

I talked about this in another forum, please search for proflower ezsvr and find the other forum, I feel we need to band together and get our money back and put them out of business and stop this from happening to others!!!!

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