Austin, Texas

I heard on Rush Limbaugh radio program that they had candy cane roses, the vase, 12 roses and baby breath for $19.99 if ordered before midnight Dec. 22.

I order at 5:59pm on the 22. I was told oh you missed it by a couple hours. I ordered anyway $43.00 dollars, and two days later I received a box of 12 roses and a vase,which I found on the porch no one ever ran the door bell or knocked. I thought it would come from a florist and be very pretty thought wrong had to put it together myself.

I wonder if you ordered for a funeral would the family or dead person have to put it together?


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Why was the response from (I assume) the ProFlowers rep WRITTEN by "jhernandez", but SIGNED "Sallie"??? Does "Sallie" start with a "J"???

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #398928

I am sorry the confusion and disappointment with your order and would be happy to look into if further for you. Please give me a call at our corporate office, phone number 866-526-9426. Thank you, Sallie


You listen to Rush Limbaugh ??? That was your first mistake!!

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