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I cannot support a company that sponsors Rush Limbaugh's program. Rush calling a young Georgetown student a ***, ***, and asking her to video her sex acts and stream them online so he can watch is not the talk of someone you should want to represent your company.

The fact that his statements are all based on lies is even worse. She was not asking for taxpayers to pay for Georgetown students contraception, she was asking their Health Insurance to cover contraception on their policies, which is also used for serious medical conditions.

You sent me a letter saying you would still sponsor his show, so I asked you to close my account. I can no longer have anything to do with your company.

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You people are all Rushists.


You have lost my (enormous) family's business--AT LEAST 20 or so orders in the last year.

A 30-year old admitted "Reproduction Rights" activist who confesses that she enrolled (on a "Public Interest" scholarship, natch) in a Jesuit university for the sole reason of forcing them to include contraception in their health insurance coverage. (She is also an activist for forcing coverage of transgender operations/implants) is pulled by the Dems at the last minute to testify at a Congressional hearing on the Constitutionality of forcing church orgs. to act against their foundational beliefs.

She is not allowed to appear because witnesses at such hearings must be scheduled three days ahead for vetting, i.e., to be sure they are who they are purported to be and qualified to speak on the subject of the hearing. The Dems then FAKE a Congressional hearing which is obediently televised and broadcast by its lapdog media.

The woman gives NO factual or verifiable information, claims that contraception costs $1000 a school year (Target's price for a month's Pills--$9, $81 per year; Planned Parenthood's, $~20 a month, $180 a year); DC gives free condoms (paid for by taxpayers) to anyone who asks.

""Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy (Georgetown student insurance not covering contraception)" Fluke reported. When I look around my campus, I see the faces of the women affected by this lack of contraceptive coverage...they tell me that they have suffered financially, emotionally and medically, because of this lack of coverage."

(Students at a $60,000 per year university can't afford $81 a year for contraception????)

And when someone attempts to present this farce as the absurdity--nay, insanity--it is, HE is pilloried--toward the goal of forcing him off the air--for saying a naughty word!

This ship of fools that used to be a great nation deserves everything it's about to get. Their world and welcome to it.


I don't care how you feel about the contraceptive issue, Rush Limbaugh had no right to verbally attach a young college student the way he did.

She is not a politician,only a young student wanting to express her opinion.

One of the worse things he said was that he wanted her to make a video of her having sex so everyone could watch. This is DISGUSTING!!!!

He made fun of a young teenage girl several years back...Chelesa Clinton..talked on and on about how ugly she was. Why would anyone do that to a young girl?

He is a heartless bigot and we need to get him off the air.

You need to do your part and drop your sponsership of his show!

If you don't I guarantee you will feel the wrath of women right in your pocketbook.

Please do the right thing!


I support Rush all the way!


ProFlowers has LOST my business (6 orders in last year) over their cowardly actions in dumping Rush. For every seminar poster like the first one, there are 10 real customers who will vote with their pocketbook. My local florist just gained some significant business.


As a long time Rush listener and as an American women who believes in the constitution and the freedoms it protects, I will be looking for a new company to buy flowers from. I stand behind Rush.


Pro-Flowers is horrible scam company anyhow. Plus why should I pay for someone who can't figure out how to not get sperm in her ***?


Of course this woman is asking taxpayers to pay for her contraception. Do you think the insurance companies are going to give it out for free??

No, their insurance members will be paying for the "free" contraception. You must not listen to Rush on a daily basis since you lost his point. Rush does not lie - the media and our government lies. It is completely wrong for our government to order, first, religious institutions to pay for birth-control and other abortion drugs, and second, to order insurance companies to offer it for free.

You want it, you pay for it.

Food and water are necessities in life, not a birth-control pill. Stop eating up what the media is feeding you and educate YOURSELF.

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