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Steer clear of the scam known as Proflowers...My fiancée placed an order with this outfit for Mother's Day, but quickly realized within just a FEW minutes of placing the order that she made an error.

Although she immediately called the customer service department in an effort to make a minor change to the order, the representative claimed that the order was already processed and there would be nothing more that could be done.

Let me tell you something, my friends...this will be the LAST order Proflowers ever receives from us, any of our friends and family, colleagues, acquaintances, people we pass by on the street, and the remainder of the world that will read my glowing reviews I intend to post on every relevant review site on the internet regarding their criminal operation.

Thus, in Proflowers' attempt to steal an additional $10 in delivery charges from us, their all-American, obscene greed will cost them many times that amount in future sales.

I hope they are pleased with their obviously flawed decision and non-existent customer support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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I don't like how flowers are marketed as $29.99 and after all is said and done it's $60. But you have to remember, Pro Flowers either has to get a local flower store deliver the flowers to you (hence the fee) or they next day air it (again, hence the fee).

If you order close to the holiday, as in within a day, you're going to pay a fee. This seems pretty elementary to me and I don't think your complain is valid.

Also, I like how you call proflowers "Douchebags" and then tell the representative who explained in a calm matter to "keep your personal derogatory (how redundant of you) comments to yourself." And then you say they're mentally challenged.


We're sorry about the difficulties with you Mother's Day order. Unfortunately, due to the staggering volume of orders that we shipped for that holiday, we had a cutoff date for modifications to the orders. Once that cutoff date for modifications was reached (and in the days leading up to it), there was a disclaimer on our site which was clearly displayed above the "Confirm Order" button that we would not be able to modify orders after they were confirmed. This is because, in order to offset any problems that might arise, orders were being printed almost immediately to alleviate the strain on our various printers to ensure that everybody's gift was able to be delivered on time and as placed. We strive to ensure that all of our customers are delighted with their orders, but when the customer service agent told you that he or she was unable to make any changes to the order, you were not being lied to. Orders placed close to Mother's Day often become non-modifiable in the system within seconds because they've already been printed in preparation for the monumental task our hard working distribution staffs across the country have in the days leading up to major flower-giving holidays in order to ensure that everybody's mother gets her gift.

However, there was no attempt to steal any additional money from you, if it was the selection of an unwanted, more costly delivery date that you were trying to change. If that is the case, give me a call and I'll look into it for you.

-Steve K @ProFlowers

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To all of the mutant douche-bags who obviously work for or are affiliated in some way with proflowers...keep your personal derogatory comments to yourself. I do not have either the time or patience to explain to a buffoon the simple concept of customer service to insure satisfaction, and since you're obviously mentally challenged, it's hopeless anyway.


How dare Pro-Flowers prepares your order immediately in order to deliver on time. Super lame Mikie g -- get a grip.

You're blaming a business for doing exactly what you paid them to do, and really you should be mad at your fiance' for making an error in the first place for what was most likely a last minute Mother's Day order.

Shame on your for being ignorant, impatient and for procrastinating with the most important woman in your life.

Oh and it's clear you're REALLY mad -- you waited 2 months to post a complaint here. lame

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