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I don't understand why a florist would support such a hate-filled radio show like that of Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, he is ONLY an entertainer, but he still must live up to standards of decency. His crude criticism of women's rights/issues goes WAY beyond ANY standard of decency.

His language and remarks are incendiary and should irk you, too. Furthermore, these recent attacks were personalized-- directed toward one courageous young woman. PULL YOUR ADS NOW! The decent men and women in our society will not tolerate such overt sexist comments and chauvinistic behavior.

The air waves is no place for such crass antics.

I REPEAT: DO NOT SUPPORT RUSH LIMBAUGH. A fierce boycott of all his sponsors will ensue.

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Dear Hawaii

Why would u want to sponsor rush. He has more viewers than all liberal radio stations together.

He makes 400 million over 8 years who pays for that sponsors . He is a bright mind.

He makes you challenge everything you hear or read. Wake up


Proflowers has dropped Rush, so I'm dropping proflowers. All these liberals ragging on Rush for telling the truth are ridiculous.

She wants to be a ***, fine. She wants us to pay for it, not fine.


What woman would want flowers from a company that supports a man who calls a college girl he never met a *** and asks her to post sex videos on the internet?

I won't be ordering flowers from ProFlowers until they stop sponsoring Limbaugh.


why are you posting here? did you email them or write them on their website contact page?

I did; and I'm a former customer. but not while they support this bloviating misogynist.


I love hearing about your wonderful product on the Rush Limbaugh show. If you pull your ads, I will boycott your product.

Why? Cowardice.

Stand your ground. As his bumper says "RUSH IS RIGHT"


Why would a flower company want to sponsor a clown - a misogynist clown at that?

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