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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They are horrible!! I ordered flowers for my friend whose MOTHER DIED!!! I paid $100 for the flowers to be delivered that same day. They sent a confirming email about my order. The next day...I received an email saying that I needed to pick a new delivery day. Ok, fine. Picked a new delivery day right away.

The next day (2 days after my friend's mom died) I get another email to pick a NEW delivery day...fine...click on the link to select a new delivery date...it has new dates BUT it also says that the DO NOT CARRY the specific arrangement I wanted which is the only reason I used their company in the first place!!! These specific flowers that no one else had (they were my friend's FAVORITE) and I wanted to send them to my grieving friend! And now all of a sudden they don't have them??!!!?????

I sent a scathing email (because the phone number I called is looped and just kept asking for my phone number or confirmation number, would state my name, and then ask for my phone/confirmation number again) asking what they were going to do to fix this?! Immediately!

I received an email 3 days after I placed my order stating that they had delivered my order to my friend successfully.

I texted my friend the next day (4 days after I ordered) to make sure she received the flowers...NOPE!!! She said she didn't have anything from me...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!! How can you send a confirming email about delivering flowers when the recipient doesn't have them??!!!

I'm ridiculously furious and offended!!!!! As I can see from other reviews, this company just does not care about it customers!!!! What a horrific company!!!!! Total rip off!!!

(I ordered my friend's flowers--not her favorite--from another company and they were delivered same day)

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Arrangement.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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San Diego, California, United States #935436
ProFlowers Verified Representative

We do care about the service we give to you and we're truly sorry your concerns were responded to without empathy and concern for your situation, as well. Please know, we're truly sorry that this has been such an upsetting experience, especially considering the reason for your gift.

Rest assured, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Please email our social media team at: socialcs@sm.proflowers.com

We do want to help you further, right away.

- Corinne

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