Someone stole my husbands debit card information and apparently easily ordered $137 worth of flowers on his card through Proflowers. They didn't question the charge at all. I happened to notice it when I looked at our online banking.

Since their phone number was on the line item on the online statement, both my husband and I called them. All of a sudden, they were like Fort Knox and could not give us a morsel of information to help us investigate.

Sure, someone else can order flowers on my account, but I'm not allowed to know where the flowers were going, what the card said, where or how the order originated, whether my name or a fake name was used, or what the heck Proflowers is going to do about it. They say the "department that handles these issues have no incoming or outgoing phone calls."

So, yeah, open the doors up wide for the thief and then make sure they're bolted tight for the person who is footing the bill. Figure it out, Proflowers, or close your doors altogether...period.

Mind you, we have never ordered from Proflowers and, of course, will never do so either. This company has no business being in business if they cannot run their business effectively.

Yes, we have filed a police report, and yes, they are willing to give us any information they obtain through their investigation.

Review about: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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The exact same thing happened to me.I got flowers from Proflowers.com.

Somebody stole my card information and ordered $60 of flowers on my card.Proflowers was not very helpful but my credict card company is investigating the issue.


And I should also add that the order was placed in my name, but on my husband's debit card.I'm sure another woman would just love getting flowers from the wife of her lover!

One more thing, please don't call me "Honey." You don't know me, and that's quite a derogatory term to use anyway.

To put it to you this way, if someone in the service industry calls my by a pet name, they lose a chunk of their tip.It's just inappropriate.


You are absolutely wrong.He is definitely not cheating.

The flowers were sent to a stranger accross the country from us, and he has NEVER traveled for business. We finally heard back from the deputy helping us, and he has confirmed, indeed, that it is fraud. Also, there were two other unauthorized charges on our checking account two days prior to the flower charge. Each of them was an order for an online credit check, one with my debit card and one with his.

The bank's fraud department recognized it the credit check company charge as fraud and immediately deactivated my card, but they did not notice the same on my husband's card so it was not deactivated, and the next unauthorized charge that followed was the much more expensive charge from Proflowers. So, Hellloooo back at you!! Not every situation is what it seems on the surface. I should probably have included the information earlier, though, about the credit report company.

I highly doubt he'd send copies of our credit reports to his mistress.Oh, and we were also notified by the bank that they had a situation identical to this (fraudulent Proflowers charges) a week prior to our reporting same.


Honey...Your husband is cheating!

Duh!!! Sure... Its "fraud", not a hottie on the side!

Um, yah...Hellloooo!!!

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