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Bought a couple of dozen roses for Valentines at "$19.99 each" and when you hit the "add to cart" it still shows the same price but AFTER you process your payment THEN you find out your total is $43.00 per dozen! This is beyond scam, this is plain dishonesty!

Any reputable company would show all the charges BEFORE you pay and then let you decide whether to want to go ahead with the order or not.

Shame on Proflowers and shame on all the TV and radio hosts that promote it! For that amount of money I could have bought the same roses and take them out for diner too!

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They DO show the total with shipping and handling BEFORE you purchase. You are the one who just clicked clicked clicked and then confirmed and THEN you decided it wasn't a good deal after paying. Again: they DO show you the total and all charges before confirming the purchase and charging you.

You failed and the other poster failed even more; at least he admits that it shows you the total before checkout is finalized.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #428476

Wronged Again, we attempt to make all of the charges clear by itemizing them on the review your order page, before your order is confirmed and charged. Please contact us at 888-855-3486 and we will be happy to review your order with you. Luke


Same thing happened to me. All along you see 19.99 then at check out they've added 15 delivery, 4.99 guaranteed val day delivery 4 care and handling and tax.

Luckily I caught it before hitting confirm. A waste of time.

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