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Update by user Feb 20, 2013

I could post a picture if you would like

Update by user Feb 20, 2013

I could post a picture if you would like

Original review posted by user Feb 19, 2013

my husband had flowers sent to me at work, he thought he was ordering flowers for a local florist to deliver not a Fed Ex driver, because it was a Fed Ex delivery it had to go to the warehouse before it got to me, then I told him they were in a box, I brought the box home and showed him and he was astonished because the flowers looked nothing like the picture and he thought they would be arranged and they weren't. When I unrubberband the flowers a big black beetle fell to the ground and the beetle was still alive, oh ya did I mention I live in a very cold climate during this time of year.

the leaves had holes in them and the roses are now welting and dying and black around the top. The delivery charges were the same as the flowers.

We could have ordered flowers from a local florist and they would have been a lot prettier and fresher for the same price. Never will we order from Pro flowers again!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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If you haven't already received your resolution I want to ensure that happens. Please email me at and I'll make sure that's done.

I look forward to helping you. -Mike @ProFlowers


That's ok :)


Sorry I hit the *** button on accident...and So-sad you should use a different user name if you are going to hit the *** button on every complaint.

to Gd1srgone #612174

That's ok :)

San Diego, California, United States #612010

So-sad. The jig is up.

Your beloved company has been exposed for the horrible way it conducts business.

Are you really going to come on here and check every complaint as being ***? Well if you are, then you've got a full time job ahead.

to S0_Sad #612172

I could post a picture if you would like :)

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