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This is the second awful batch of flowers my Daughter recieved, these flowers I didn't have to pay for, because of the poor quality of my last order and I had a coupon! Once again these flowers came fully bloomed, when they are suppose to come in bud form to last longer...these flowers look nothing like the picture you have on your website, I don't know who controls the way these flowers turn out, but they need to be replaced by someone who can do a good job!!

These flowers are just aweful...I am disgusted in the way these flowers look!

When you show a picture of a product maybe you should show the way they are really going to look when delivered!! People should not pay good money to get bad flowers...this is insane and you people shoul be ashamed of yourselves for not once, but twice ruining the gift I sent to my first time pregnant daughter!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Coupon.

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I had the exact thing happen to me. The first bouquet wasn't what was pictured so they offered to send a second, saying that if there was a description then those specific flowers would be in the bouquet.

Not true!! The next bouquet didn't have some of the flowers listed and looked nothing like the picture again.

I will never use them again! Buyer beware!!


We're sorry if the flowers being sent to your daughter aren't arriving in good condition. If you give us a call, we'll make it right for you, and then we can investigate if there is a problem at some point in our distribution and shipping to her area, because we work hard to ensure timely and quality deliveries and want our customers to be delighted with their gifts. 888-855-3486 -Steve @ProFlowers

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