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I ordered a very expensive orchid plant from Pro Flowers as a thank you gift for a high end client that has given me hundreds of dollars of business. At the time of the call I was assured the plant would have a good ratio of buds and blooms.

(Once bloomed the plant will not produce more buds until a new stem grows the following growth season.) It arrived, had only 4-5 buds left on on the entire plant, it has usually over 30-30 blooms. Called to reorder per their 100% satisfaction guarantee, once again reassured the plant would arrive with a better ratio, this time the plant had absolutely NO BUDS whatsoever! On top of that one of the stems of the plant was broke, due to poor packaging and no Up arrows for UPS to know how to position the box~ I was told by the 1st call center supervisor I would receive a call within 24 hours, I also told the supervisor that I wanted a call placed to the warehouse manager to ask that they take a photo of the next plant to be delivered so I would be assured of the quality, and was told they did not know who the warehouse mgr was and that they could not possibly fulfill my request. i EXPLAINED i WAS RUNNING OUT OF TIME and needed help asap and wanted this next plant to be the quality I was paying for.He became very curt and he put me back through to the original call center order taker, and I was told the plant was to be reordered.I got a text as she was finishing her verbiage, got distracted and didn't get a new order number, as she did not offer to give me one.

So called back, got another call center, was told they did not see any reorder info, spoke with that call center's supv and was told I would receive a call between 24-48 hours, STILL have not heard back. As I explained to supv #2, the 1st supv LIED to me to get off the phone quickly, I'm sure, but should have told me the truth that it would be 24-48 hrs. Throughout both calls I was even voiced, pleasant and never rude. I decided to go online to get the corporate headquarter's phone number and lo and behold found their website with an enormous number of negative feed back regarding Pro Flower's quality and lack of customer service!

Then went back to my google search and found this website, so glad I did! I'm sick to my stomach that I have wasted literally over two weeks of waiting for the quality I paid for and in the meantime have not thanked my generous client in a timely manner, making me look rude!

I better hear from someone from corporate 1st thing in the am as it will be a Monday, if not I will be working my way up the corporate chain to the person that heads the company and will assure them that I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and everyone within my social media circles, several networking groups I belong to and complaint websites and will get the entire full blown story out so others can avoid the wasted time, bad experiences and lies. It's a shame, wish I knew another company that is not FDS oriented to order from, But I can assure you I will be investigating and asking for referrals!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Plant.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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