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Is it better to not receive flowers or to receive dead flowers for Valentines? I would have to say I would rather not send my girlfriend flowers than give her dead ones! I was appalled today when my girlfriend sent me a text to indicate she received her flowers and "still loved them anyway!" Obviously, this is not the reaction I wanted to hear after spending almost $60 to have some flowers sent to her work for ALL of her co-workers to see my affection for her, as well! I told her to send me pics of the flowers and I CANNOT believe you would allow this GARBAGE to be sent the day before Valentines! I could have given fresh weeds out of my backyard that looked better than these roses! She told me she had to throw a couple away because they were so bad. Not only this, but several more have at most 12 hours before they fall off on their own! Mind you, it has not even been 24 hours since she received I have attached some pictures of the garbage you sent my girlfriend representing me on Valentines day. Great job, Proflowers, EVERYONE at NEIMAN MARCUS now knows what kind of an embarrassing gift their signifcant other will receive if they order from you!!! As for me, now I have to explain why I would send my girlfriend DEAD flowers on Valentines day, how embarrasing! Here is what your website says about the flowers (exact same ones in the pictures I sent)..


> "Item Description:

> Exquisite! Commanding! Imagine the

> overwhelming sense of abundance when your recipient opens the box to this splash

> of color--from deep red to blush pink to delicate salmon tones and bright

> yellow. No lovelier statement can be made and these superb roses are hand-picked

> and dewy-fresh from the fields! "




> 24 Assorted Roses

> Stands approximately 16" tall

> Item #30098864 HAHAHAHA.....I would like to know who hand picked these!?!?! Where are these dewy-fresh fields? Exquisite? NOT HARDLY! This is absolutely unacceptable! I demand an explanation and to what exactly what will be done about this! If I do not get an immediate response I intend to take some pictures of the roses at my local WALMART to show everyone how much better the rose quality is at WALMART than at PROFLOWERS because I am sure they are much better than the *** that was sent to my girlfriend! I will also be posting these pictures to facebook for all to see and be wary... To add insult to injury, I received this email from "Pro"flowers to indicate another mistake made by the "pros"... Dear Matt,

> We are writing to let you know about a communication error on the order confirmation email for your recent ProFlowers order (#KLLNCA1GS0F7). The order confirmation email reflects a delivery date of February 14th. This email is to inform you that your order may still arrive on either February 13th or 14th.

> The delivery service selected during order placement was for our special "flex" delivery. Flex delivery guarantees delivery on either February 13th or February 14th. Your order will be delivered in this time frame and no later than the 14th, despite a previous email confirming a firm delivery date of February 14th.

> We take tremendous pride in delivering the best customer service and would like to apologize for this communication error. Our company prides itself on treating every order as if it were for our own family members or friends. In this case, as soon as we learned about the error, we began the process of notifying you and taking every measure possible to address the root cause.

> Thank you for your order and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Our customer service representatives are here should you have any further questions about your order.


> Sincerely,


> Doug Chaplin

> Head of Customer Care

> I should have known better!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $55.

  • Valentine's Day
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I tried to order flowers for a sunday delivery ($120 worth). I paid all the extra surcharges to make sure they were there in the morning and would be something to make her day (she's only on site for 3 days) the delivery was to be before 12:00 noon on sunday. At 10:30am sunday they sent me an e-mail messages (which i didn't get until the evening) that they couldn't deliver the flowers that day and please pick another day.

This was after going through them in detail and confirming they could make the delivery. I was prommised that they would be delivered 1st thing monday morning, then when they weren't their by noon that they would be there in the next hour, then when they still weren't there that they would be there as soon as possible.

Even though their mail message indicate one Doug Chaplin is the head of customer service nobody seems to know who he is or how to reach him. Very convenient.

If you need flowers on a given day this organization is a SCAM with continuous bait and switch tactics.

I would recommend that no-one orders from them again.


Please allow me to be of service to you for this order. Please provide me with your order details at cssocial@proflowers.com and I'll make sure we make up for this order.

I look forwarding to helping you out. -Mike @ProFlowers

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