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I’ve ordered flowers for Valentine’s Day and there have been numerous problematic regarding deliveries. It’s exasperating getting a notification that the flowers have been delivered and discovered that they have not, or have been delivered to someone else.

They ask for the number of the receipiant but never call them. I waited hours, the person remained at the home only to find out that the flowers never got the flowers. Only thing that they do is say that they are ‘sorry’ and offer you a ‘deal’. Like a discount on the flowers and or added features.

Well, I went for it and when my friend received her flowers they were dead. The replaced the flower order again. Here’s the issue, the damage was done. The deliverers are the issue and it’s up to Pro flowers to make certain that the flowers are there.

It’s not enough that the deliverer and this company need to fix this.

I broke up with my ex friend.... To be frank, it’s ‘hit and miss with them.....

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