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I thought I'd try Proflowers, because FTD always seemed kind of pricey. In fact, when I checked later, the base price for my order (18 roses) was the same at both, but Proflowers had so many more hidden charges (vase, card, "care and handling") that it ended up being $15 *more* than FTD.

So what started as $49 was $99 by the time I was done!I could have forgiven that, but the quality was terrible. I *guess* there were 18 roses, but only about 10 were of decent size. The rest were tiny buds that were lost in the sloppily arranged baby's breath, and they all wilted before they ever bloomed. It looked nothing at all like the picture.

I've attached both the picture at the website and the vase as delivered.They sent me a feedback link, to which I gave a very detailed complaint, and never heard anything back.I've learned my lesson. Pricey or not, I've never had a bad experience with FTD, and will stick with them in the future.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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@Deborah Corcoran

FTD bought Proflowers in 2014, well after this was written. Before that, they were separate companies, and in fact, FTD had previously sued Proflowers for false advertising.

Maybe they've improved, but when I used them, their delivery as totally different. FTD used floral delivery services, while Proflowers - I'm not making this up - delivered the flowers in a FedEx box.


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