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I tried to cancel the order within 5 minutes of ordering due to the huge amount of processing and delivery fees, which was about 45% of the price of the flowers What a ripoff. Any how, I tried to cancel the order within 5 minutes, but couldn't because I didn't cancel in time.

Are they kidding me. I emailed their Customer Service, several times, and finally was told that in the disclaimer it stated that I couldn't cancel if I ordered after 2/7/10, even if I canceled within 5 minutes of ordering.

That's just poor business decision. I could understand if I waited 24 hrs of ordering, but this was literally within 5 minutes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Delivery Service.

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This is a total ripoff. So many charges that are hidden.

They make you enter all the details before they show you the final amount which three times what I had in my mind. There is a shipping charge, Valentine's day shipping charge, Handing, tax, card, blah blah.

Their advertisement only says $19.99 for flowers. I wud say, filthy tricks they play on people emotions.

Westleigh, New South Wales, Australia #300166

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie

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