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what happen to some one bring you flowers in a vase full of water and

handing them to you with a smile not giving you a box with flowers and

they are have dead and you have to fill the vase your self and the the

$19.99 price after all said a done was $45.00 what a joke i could have went

to Conroy's and gotten something better never again will i order on line

again do not Oder from this company they use radio stations to promote there

product i wonder if they know how many customer are unhappy !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Proflowers Flowers.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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Attempted to order funeral arrangement on line and was unable to use discount since was referred to sister company. Before I found this out called and spoke with a representative named Zeke who kept questioning me if I put the web address in correctly. I asked to speak with another representative and had to ask 5-6 more times as he kept trying to say but, but but...

He finally transferred me to the que (where I had to wait for another Representative. The second person was very nice and helpful and immediately explained why I was unable to use the on-line ordering due to the type of arrangement, and the sister company did not accept the coupon.

All in all was a very disappointing experience, and will definitely advise friends and family not to use this service. :upset


What imbecils! Proflowers must be short for "professional hustlers" I don't authorize my info being sold or used by other "partners" to further hustle me out of hard to come by money.

My flowers also were delivered by Fedex. WTF is up with that??? I called the reciepient to see when they were recieved. They came via Fedex, and to add insult to injury, they died in two days!

REALLY? I could have bought lottery tickets that would have been less risky. In addition, before the first order was recieved I sent a condolence bouquet to a friend. What a sucker I am.

Now I have to check my bank statement for double charging. I certainly hope they are not using prison labor to process orders like the airlines used to (or maybe still do.) Investigations by several state attorney generals may resolve this outrageous conduct.


I agree with the other posters - FedEx? Really?

no idea until I got the tracking email. I tried to send flowers to my wife's job at a university. When she didnt call or email to say thanks i knew something was wrong. Unfortunately the school receives FedEx through shipping and receiving so a clerk signed for it, but it had to go through internal processing before she would get the package (flowers in a box?).

Now I am trying to coordinate (in the middle of the night from Spain) getting the package from the clerk to my wife in a timely manner, but whatever the surprise is ruined anyway.

Hopefully the flowers will be decent. I will be researching my next flower delivery service more thoroughly next time.

jaynee h

I am sorry for your experience with ProFlowers. I would like to look into this for you.

Please call 866-526-9426. Sallie


I'm trying to make an impression with my new girlfriend, to show what a classy guy I am. I look sooo classy now - now that FEDEX (WFT - really???

- FedEx ???) "attempted delivery" but is going to return the next freakin' business day to re-attempt. All this while she is at home texting with me. WFT?@#!? I could pull a frickin' rose from my own darn bush and mailed it with FedEx.

I didn't even know FedEx would be involved until I saw the tracking number AFTER my card was charged. What BS.

Caveat emptor - even when the company is big and been around for a long time. Anyone who repeats business with Pro Flowers has no class at all.


I never had a problem with them until this Mother's Day. I even spoke with someone over the phone about this because this was a surprise for my 80 year old grandmother who would finally be home after a long hospital stay.

They assured me it would arrive all neatly arranged. This was not the case. I was embarrassed and incredibly angry when my grandmother told me they had arrived in a box and they weren't even arranged, she had to do it herself and the flowers were slightly wilted from being in the box. Considering that she had just come home from the hospital, there was no reason for her to have to arrange the flowers.

The woman I spoke to on the phone to complain was incredibly rude and tried to play it off like it was not their fault and I did let her have it. I told her it may not have been important to me, but this was for an 80 year old grandmother, my grandmother. Still they tried to give me all this run around and I was furious.

All they seem to care about is ripping people off. I'm never ordering from them again after this nonsense.


I went on Pro Flowers website to order flowers for my grandmother for mothers day. The order total was $39.00.

I accepted the fact that since I was ordering on Friday it was too late to get the flowers delivered on Sunday (Mother's Day) & I agreed to have them delivered on Monday. It showed me a verification page which showed her address, what I ordered & the $39.00 so I completed the order. When I got my email receipt a few minutes later I practically fell out of my chair. It showed my total as $80.00!

They were charging crazy amounts for delivery, which was not what they had shown when I placed the order. They were also charging me for a vase when I had chosen NO vase. Not only did they charge me for a vase I didn't order, but they charged $16.99 for a vase that their website has listed as $9.99! I immediately called their 800 #.

The rep told me they could take the vase charge off, but the delivery charges couldn't be changed. The extra cost was for the Monday delivery. WHAT??? I asked when they could be delivered with out all the extra charges & she told me Wednesday or Thursday.

Thats ridiculous! I cancelled the order immediately. I will NEVER order from those shady crooks again. What a racket they're running.

Thank goodness I checked the email receipt.

Avoid these crooks at all cost! :(

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