For our first wedding anniversary I ordered flowers for my wife thru proflowers. Since our anniversary fell on a sunday I had to pay the regular shipping plus sunday shipping and since we had plans for the afternoon I paid for delivery before noon.

Yes the price of delivery was more than the flowers but my wife is the love of my life and very worth it. I received the email confirmation stating the flowers would be delivered between nine am and noon. My wife wanted to pack up our newborn baby and go out to breakfast but I had to talk her out of it because I knew we had to be home when the flowers came. My wife gave me a very nice card and some other things around ten am and because I knew the flowers would be there soon I played a little dumb letting her think I had not done anything for her.....well noon rolls around and we still have not seen the flowers so I go outside and call proflowers.

After twenty minutes on hold the lady I was talking to assures me the flowers will be at our house sometime in the afternoon. She said she spoke with the florist and they had opened later on sunday than proflowers had told me the flowers would arrive. Horrible communication on their part. They OFFERED to refund the price for early delivery.

I told them to just make sure the flowers got there.....an hour and a half later I receive an email from proflowers an email not a phone call telling me the flowers can not be delivered at all on sunday now. I again call them back and spend another twenty minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor. She tells me there is no record of the previous phonecall and tells me the flowers will be there the next day. I tell her to give me the name of thr florist and I will go pick themnup myself.

She tells me they have no way of knowing who the florist is and that I have to wait till monday. I told her to refund th money and that I would never use them again she said she would. When they refunded the early morning delivery fee I had an email confirmation in minutes it is noon on monday and they still have not refunded my money. I had to tell my wife everything because she was starting to get sad that I had not done anything for her.

So she not only did not get her flowers we had to cancel our plans for the afternoon and ended up ordering pizza because we were still waiting on them.....thank you proflowers you have single handedly ruined our first anniversary and I am fairly sure we won't have another first...you are horrible with people and without your customers you WILL be out of business soon. Next ime I will use a local florist or ftd I have never had a single problem with either.

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