Saint Louis, Missouri

I am upset because Pro-Flowers has made huge public display of dumping advertising on Rush Limbaugh show. I have used Pro many times because you adv on Rush.

Pro is yielding to a threat by people were looking for a way to silence conservatives and Pro-flowers has helped them. I guess, we will soon be boycotting Pro-Flowers. After that we can all try to force everyone who does not agree with you off the air.

It will not take long to find Pro-Flowers is buying from or supporting something or someone that some group does not approve of.

Good luck on that!

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Won't be using proflowers anymore. What is our world coming to with all this political correct BS. Hypocritical liberals make me queasy to my stomach.

Almkerk, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands #444223

i'll be ordering for all the ones who hate women ,hate PRES,Obama..Way to go proflowers!!!!!!!!


Do to your decision to vote against free speech and support an activist agenda...

I will no longer be buying anything from you or any of your associated companies.


The fact that Sandra Fluke is a fraud should have changed your mind! You have probably ticked off at least 20 million Rush listeners by not getting the whole story before making a bad decision.

We have freedom of speech in this country.

Libs are constantly using derogatory words to describe Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann & Laura Ingram. I hope Laura Ingram drops you as an advertiser!!




Really, a flower business is going to get caught up in this fabricated junk.

It is an awful shame people think that they deserve everything handed to them...

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